The Masters of Folk Arts

The Masters of Folk Arts are creative artists highly acknowledged within their own communities. They have the vast knowledge of long-established folk activities and they have the power to influence those they interact with. The masters are examples to all because they preserve the values and processes of traditional artistry.

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Creative Houses

The creative houses are real folk art community centres where craftsmen of a given area can work and think together. Then they can use the acquired experience in their own workshops.

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Open Studios – Workshops

The Association of Hungarian Folk Artists initiated the organisation of the Open Workshop network in Hungary. This was done to create a permanent live connection between the folk artists, masters, and people interested in the traditional arts.

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The implementation of the professional programs of the year 2019 of the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists has been supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.


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    Festival of Folk Arts

    Every year our Association organises the famous Festival of Folk Arts. The motto of the Festival is ALL THAT IS TRADITION. This includes eveything from…

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    Kosárfonó alkotóhét

    Kosárfonó alkotóhét ifjúsági és felnőtt korosztály számára a Fehérvári Kézművesek Egyesülete szervezésében A csoportba várjuk mindazokat, akik szabadidejükből szívesen áldoznak egy hetet arra, hogy megtanulják…

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