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26 March – 3 April  2022

Organisers: The National Association of Traditional Creative Houses, Association of Hungarian Folk Artists (AHFA), Hungarian Heritage House

In Hungary, in the framework of EACD craft houses, craft studios and craft galleries will open their doors to the public providing folk art programmes for children and adults to learn about different areas of folk crafts between 26 March and 3 April. By offering a diverse and unique range of programmes and showcasing the values of traditional crafts, the organisers aim to raise awareness of the studios and the work of the craftspeople who work there, and thus to promote the Hungarian folk craft heritage to a wider audience. 

During the open week folk craft houses, studios and folk art associations will offer a unique programme of events to promote local folk crafts and folk art traditions. Visitors can try their hand at among others weaving, embroidery from different regions, felting, leatherwork, furniture painting and indigo dyeing, bead making, doll making and, of course, egg writing and egg shoeing in the run-up to Easter. There will also be exhibitions, lectures, craft demonstrations, craft activities, folk games, live storytelling and folk gastronomy programmes at each venue. The prestigious international programme brings together handicraft houses craft studios and galleries from more than forty towns and villages from across the country and beyond.

As one of the most important Hungarian folklore festivals, the National Dance House Festival and Fair is a showcase of folk music, folk dance and folk art. In this year it will be also a venue of the EACD where visitors can find the combination of the traditional artifacts and fine and applied art that they inspire, presenting old and new objects and functional aesthetics.