Festivals, fairs, folk art exhibitions, craft programmes, and shows are our speciality. We are excellent organisers with a lot of experience, fresh ideas and exceptional references on both national and international levels. Contact us with confidence!

We have over 40 years of professional experience in Hungary. Together, with our 64 member associations, we are constantly active in safeguarding and preserving our traditions and values of our heritage crafts. We are endeavouring to educate and make our traditions known everywhere.

AHFA’s Core

Our most outstanding and emblematic event is the Festival of Folk Arts. This is a forum of living folk arts that we organise each year in the Buda Castle. More than seventy thousand people come to experience the power of the folk arts and admire the work of the masters. The Hungarian Festival Association has rated this parade of the heritage craft as an exceptional event in the category of folklore festivals.

AHFA with its knowledge and experience took part in the elaboration work of the National  Folk Arts and Crafts Strategy.

We work together with national and international partners and organisations in order to reach mutual goals and  results.

National professional partners:

  • Hungarian Folk Art Council (MANETA)
  • Muharay Elemér Folk Art Association
  • Martin György Folk Dance Association
  • Táncház Federation
  • Heritage House
  • National Institute of Culture
  • Hungarian Heritage Crafts Foundation
  • National Association of Creative Houses
  • Balassi Institute
  • Intangibel Cultural Heritage Directorate
  • Szentendre Open Air Folk Art Museum

 International Partners: European Craft Organization

References can be viewed here! Learn more about our services here! Our partners are welcome at neszfolk@nesz.hu