Every year our Association organises the famous Festival of Folk Arts. The motto of the Festival is ALL THAT IS TRADITION. This includes everything from timeless folk crafts to lively folk music and dancing. Visitors are welcome to experience the Festival at Buda Castle between August 17 to 20 this year.

For decades, the Festival of Folk Arts has been the highlighted event of our Association. With it’s motto, ALL THAT IS TRADITION, it showcases traditional folk crafts, music, and dance.

This year we are inviting our visitors to the Buda Castle between August 17 and 20.

Throughout the Festival guests are able to participate in traditional exhibitions, professional lectures, craft shows and film screenings. By enjoying these events, our guests will enrich their knowledge of the Folk Arts. Each day we will also have folk dancing and music for all to delight in.

Our guest of honour for the 2019 festival is Japan. 

Tickets are available in advance or at the door. Additionally, tickets for children, retired visitors, and/or families are available for purchase.

Participation of foreign masters at the Festival of Folk Arts


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